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Alex's First Threesome

Share your erotic speedo stories and read about others experiences.

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Alex's First Threesome

Post by DaveSpeedoEvans » Wed Jul 20, 2016 4:21 pm

My sexual escapades with Alex over the past couple of months have been really hot.

This is the first time in my life that I've really helped a guy who had gay sexual urges really explore those for the first time. I'm being careful and taking things slow with Alex but it has been really hot and I'm sure these memories will be part of my 'wank bank' for a long time.

This is the third experience with Alex that I've written in depth about. I love my blog but these detailed accounts of playing with Alex are something that I've kept purely for members of SwimmerBoyz.com. I really appreciate your support guys and want to share these experiences with you and I hope you enjoy reading about them.

You can read the other two experiences at these links:

- http://www.SwimmerBoyz.com/freestory-fi ... thalex.asp
- http://www.SwimmerBoyz.com/freestory-alexsfirstcock.asp

Now to what lead up to Friday. There are two parts to this. First off, Alex texted me early in the week and told me that he was going to take Friday afternoon off work if I was keen to 'play'. I said "HELL YEAH". It was then that I returned to Alex's sexual bucket list which I mentioned after writing about our last experience together last week. One of the things on Alex's sexual bucket list is to have a threesome with two guys.


An entire Friday afternoon to ourselves I thought that I'd try and line this up for Alex and after mentioning this to him he thought it sounded great.

Then I had to start thinking of who would be the third guy to join us. I could find a Grindr hookup but if it didn't work out that would suck for Alex's first threesome. There is the gay couple that I hooked up with a few weeks ago but they are somewhat 'experienced' and not sure if they would be that excited about breaking in a first timer who also has a girlfriend and isn't 100% sure of his sexuality. Then there is Tim, the first guy I hooked up with when I got back here. Last time I hooked up with Tim was for a threesome with a friend of his who turned out to be pretty drunk when he arrived and it wasn't the best experience. But Tim is hot, loves speedos and I think would be willing to be patient with a first timer like Alex.

I shot Tim a message, "Interested in a 3sum on Friday afternoon @ Birdie Beach with a bi/curious mate of mine?"

Tim's reply, "HELL YEAH!!!"

Hahaha, that wasn't the exact words but he thought it was a great idea.

I checked back with Alex and told him about Tim who I have written about on my blog and Alex said that he was excited for his first ever threesome. The plan was for Alex to come over to my place, then for us to drive up to Birdie Beach (nude beach about 25 minutes north of my place), meet Tim up there, find a nice secluded place in the dunes and the three of us fuck like rabbits.


Friday morning finally came around and I had some stuff packed and ready:

- Speedos - of course it would be a speedo only event, as long as we kept them on. I chose a pair of Blue AussieBum Portsea's
- Condoms
- Lube
- Large Picnic Blanket
- Sunscreen
- Booze
- Water
- Camera - just kidding, Alex and I not being 'out' this wouldn't have gone down well but if it does, I promise you guys will be the first to see it.

Alex arrived on time, we made out a little bit, compared speedos, double checked we had everything we needed and then left on time - I drove because Alex didn't want anyone from his work seeing his car parked at the beach when he was supposed to be at a dentists appointment.... he was getting an oral exam though (cheesy I know, I'm sorry).

The carpark at Birdie Beach always feels seedy, some people are just there for the beach, some are tourists that stopped because it is a beautiful spot, some are there for a surf, some are there to nude it up, some up there for casual sex and it feels like everyone there is trying to figure out why everyone else is there. Tim was already there and I parked next to him. Everyone made introductions and then it dawned on me that maybe Tim and Alex knew each other from school or something, they both grew up in the area. That might have been a fly in the lube but turns out the guys didn't know each other.

We grabbed all our gear and headed to the beach.

The nude area of Birdie Beach is supposed to be the northern end where the creek flows out near the headland, but we headed south because the beach down there is always deserted. We walked for 20 minutes, maybe half an hour before we all agreed that we had a good spot. We walked up into the dunes a little bit and we were all happy with the spot.

This next part was a little weird but Tim was great in breaking in the ice. I laid out the picnic blanket and Alex cracked open some beers, all three of us stripped down to our speedos. It was Tim that asked Alex if he had only ever kissed one guy? Alex said yes that was true and Tim decided to change that. The three of us were still standing up and Tim moved in and started kissing Alex. This was amazingly hot!!! Both Alex and Tim were wearing black speedo brand speedos and seeing the two of them making out was really freaking hot!!!


There was no need to me to interrupt so I sat down on the picnic blanket and enjoyed the show. My cock was stirring in my AussieBum speedos and as Alex and Tim locked tongues I could see that their cocks were stirring as well.

Tim played it great and didn't go too fast for Alex and let Alex make the first move towards touching cock. Without breaking their kiss Alex began rubbing the front of Tim's speedo.

By now I was 100% hard and I'm pretty sure both of those guys were 100% hard.

I think it was time for me to get involved. I got on my knees and went up to the guys. I wanted them to keep kissing and I wanted their cocks. Tim knew what I was up to and gave me access to the front of his speedo. I pulled his cock out the leg of his speedo first and put it in my mouth. I didn't wait long before I did the same to Alex. Now I had before me, two hot guys, in speedos, making out and both their cocks ready for me to feast on. And feast I did!!!

For the next 5 minutes, or more, I alternated between the guys cocks and worked them hard. All the while Alex and Tim kept making out.

I'm pretty sure I could have made these guys cum but I thought that might be a little too early. My theory was to have Alex be the last one of us to cum and that way he'd stay in the mood longer, if you know what I mean.

I decided to take the lead.

I tucked both guys into their speedos, which was a little difficult with them both being cock hard. They finally broke off their kiss and looked down at me with big grins.....

"How about you show Tim some of your new found blowjob skills Alex?"

There was general agreement to my idea and Tim lay down on the picnic blanket. Alex moved between Tim's lets and instead of pulling Tim's cock out the leg of his speedos, like I did, Alex took his time, undid the drawstring on Tim's black lycra speedos and released his cock from the waistband. Tim's cock hadn't gotten any softer in the 30 seconds it took for his cock to go from my mouth to Alex's.

Now for the next stage of my plan.

Alex's arse was pointed to the sky while he sucked on Tim's cock. He was on his knees and his arse looked absolutely delicious. I went over to my pack and grabbed out the lube and tucked some condoms into the waistband of my speedos.

Then I asked Alex if I could play with his arse.

During our conversations Alex had mentioned that he likes it when his girlfriend fingers his arse while she is sucking him off. It was also on Alex's sexual bucket list to work up to being able to take a guys cock in his arse. This would be the beginning of Alex's anal training from the Dave Evan's school of butt fucking.

Alex's grunted a positive response to my request to play with his arse so I went to work. I had to undo the drawstring on his speedos which was a little difficult with him on his knees but I managed. Then I pulled his speedos down to his knees. I reached between Alex's legs and felt his rock hard cock, then his balls and then ran my hand up his arse crack. Then I grabbed the lube and filled his arse crack with it.

I think Alex moaned in pleasure just at feeling the lube on his arse.

Then I started to finger him.

First with just my middle finger and before long I added my index finger. His arse was obviously tight but I felt it loosen up as he relaxed and enjoyed it. All the while he continued to polish Tim's knob.

After a few minutes of this Tim was getting close to cumming. His moans were getting louder and his hips were thrusting towards Alex's eager mouth. I was pretty impressed at Alex's stamina.

Then Tim started cumming. Alex was a trooper and took the entire load in his mouth. As this happened I stopped working on Alex's arse and slid around beside him. When Tim's orgasm subsided I grabbed Alex's face and kissed him. His first blowjob he was a spitter but this time he shared Tim's load with me.

When Alex and I broke off our kiss we looked down at Tim who was tucking his cock back into his black speedos and Tim was looking pretty happy.

Then Alex surprised me by asking me "Dave, would you fuck me?"


If course I would. From the fingering I'd just given Alex I felt like he was ready and of course I was going to go slow.


I told Alex to lie on his back. I pulled my cock out of the leg of my speedos and put a condom on. Alex was already lubed up but I squirted a handful more on my cock. With Alex on his back I lifted his legs up by his knees and had a beautiful view of his virgin arsehole.

Tim didn't need any directions and got down and started sucking Alex's cock. Then I put the head of my cock at the entry to alex's arse. I rubbed it around a little bit although it didn't really need any more lubrication. Alex was muttering that he wanted me inside him, he wanted me to fuck him. Then I put some weight into it and BOOM. I was inside Alex.

It was sooo hard not to just plow away and destroy Alex's arse but I didn't want this to be a one time thing so once the head of my cock was inside him, I paused for a moment. I could have exploded just about then and there.

I decided to wait until Alex was close to cumming from Tim's work on his cock. It wasn't long.

Alex's moans began to pick up and when I thought he was on the edge I slowly glided my cock about 3/4 the length in. I didn't get a 2nd stroke. Alex came and his arse was like a vice around my cock. He moaned really loud and then I started cumming as well.

The end.

Exploring Alex’s gay/bi side has been an awesome experience over the last 18 months. With Alex’s permission, I’ve written about these experiences extensively. You can read all of my writing on my website SwimmerBoyz.com.

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Re: Alex's First Threesome

Post by electric2010 » Thu Jul 28, 2016 7:55 am

Hot story Dave!

So, would you ever want to break in a bear?

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