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Speedo Christmas Party

Share your erotic speedo stories and read about others experiences.

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Speedo Christmas Party

Post by fbanks » Sun Dec 25, 2016 5:49 am

Louis was completing the final touches after spending the better part of the afternoon preparing for the Christmas Party. He was hosting this event for his friends and acquaintances from the ‘Swim Club’, a loose collection of people from the pool at the Fitness Center, along with other select individuals he knew from the beach.

As a token of their friendship, he had purchased a variety of Speedo-style swimwear for his guests over the past few months, carefully researching and selecting what he felt was the perfect suit for that person.

There was not a single individual going to be there that night that was adverse to wearing a Speedo, and in public for that matter. He had seen each and every one in their full Speedo Glory, as well as having seen them in various stages of dress and undress in the most innocuous of situations.

He was always elated seeing them wearing their most form-fitting of garments inherent in their almost complete state of nakedness, swimming at the Fitness Center, sunning at the beach, or hanging out at his place by the pool displaying their toned, athletic bodies with nice bulges, tight butts and lots of flesh.

And yes, he had seen a couple totally naked too … in other situations … lavishing and enjoying each others bodies, but that was a story for another time.

The beach front house was ready and the tree was decorated with great care. The main room, pool deck and cabana were decorated festively, and there was an abundant amount of food and drink. The fire pit on the terrace was blazing and the heated pool, bubbling hot tub, and steaming sauna were all prepared for his guests.

When you looked at the Holiday Tree, you could see the incredible attention to detail and expensive ornaments, and if you really looked closely, gracing the branches were all sorts of unpackaged Speedos in different styles and colors. Each and every one artfully folded into a small package with a bulging pouch and labeled with a gold tag and a black embossed number. At the moment of arrival, every person was handed an envelope with their name to be opened later.

Once everyone had arrived and began to drink and mingle, he disappeared for a short while, then reappeared dressed as Santa Claus, wearing a shiny thick black belt and matching black boots, a red and white hat … and a bright red Speedo which fit him like a glove … with the little boomerang logos repeating down the narrow white side panels and the word ‘SPEEDO’ emblazoned across the backside in bold white lettering.

Because now, it was time for the presents and showing. Drawing a random number from a collection of folded slips individually drawn out of a crystal bowl, the gifting was about to begin.

Jacob was first. Nervously, he opened his envelope, retrieved his number and approached the tree, selecting the item that matched the number in his card. It was a vibrant red Speedo Solar. And this was a for-real authentic one with the skimpier one-inch sides, rear seam and deep front pouch … not the bigger, bulkier suits that Speedo was currently passing off as Solars.

Following protocol, he quickly made his way to the adjoining changing room to get undressed and put on his new suit. Returning a short time later, he was now Speedo clad in his skimpy suit with his obviously generous package filling the pouch and the slightly stretchy fabric clinging to his shapely rear as he stood in place and showed off his new present.

Vinnie was next. His suit was a Vuthy bikini, the design across the front and back in the motif of the night-time New York skyline, his home town with a colorful pattern of lighted buildings highlighting the darker background. Graciously, he took the suit and made his way to the vacant changing room.

Several minutes later, he emerged with the smooth material clinging perfectly to his athletic body, unconsciously pulling the back down slightly to get it in the right place before turning around and displaying his toned backside.

Hu Sing got a vibrant blue white and green Asics cut in the lowest and most daring type of Asian-Style suits … the true essence of the Japanese Speedo. The suit he held up was beyond small … it was absolutely tiny … and appearing to be no larger than the size of his outstretched hand. Excited at his gift, he made his way to get changed.

Re-entering the room with the tiny suit on his extremely slender body, there seemed to be barely enough material to hold his parts, with the suit riding so low at his hips, actually exposing the top edges of dark pubes. Turning around, one could see the rear mesh seam plunging in between his tiny, boy-like ass with the minimal coverage displaying inches of butt-crack along with the bottoms of his cheeks.

Nervously, he walked across the room with a slight swagger from the tightness of the suit, a huge departure from the slightly baggy suit he always wore and much to the liking of the guests.

Next, it was Andre’s turn. Carefully, he lifted off the most colorful of suits … a tiny, yet brilliant red, yellow and orange garment that was small and bright with colors in the spirit of a Brazilian Carnivale. Having string sides with a deeply sculpted pouch and small, tanga-back, this suit had an extremely cheeky rear that would show off a good portion of his shapely ass.

Which it did.

Liam drew a blue and white Aussie Bum … perfect for his extremely athletic body. Upon return, the slightly relaxed front was just big enough for his generous parts with the back of the suit molded to his athletic butt.

Juan, a high board diver who grew up jumping off the cliffs in Mexico with a smooth, sleek, slender body got a dark blue diving suit. One, that was obviously at least a size smaller than someone his size would normally wear, holding up the tiny bit of material for all to see, and looking like it was probably meant for a twelve year old boy.

With the incredible elasticity of the fabric, specifically designed for this purpose, he easily squeezed himself into the suit and felt it conforming right to his body, adhering to his flesh and after carefully smoothing out the material it was on him like it was a second layer of skin.

Showing off the suit that was extremely snug-fitting and riding quite low … giving him a very nicely shaped bulge in the front, and gripping to his small, rounded ass like there was almost no suit at all in the back … it was a very hot look, indeed. Louis approved, knowing when it got wet, it would get snugger to the back and display every single line and curve on the front to the most intimate of detail.

Milio got a tiny, teal Joe Snyder thong. Although, not really a swimmer, occasionally splashing around in the pool, he spent more time with the weights. With the sculpted pouch and string sides and back strap, there would be little left to the imagination once he put the suit on.

And there wasn’t, showing off every inch of his sculpted, muscled body, flexing then turning and showing off his tight ass, and as he was posing, it was obvious that this was the garment of choice.

Tyler, the wild child of the bunch and an accomplished High School swimmer complete with tattoos and piercings and wild colored hair, got a black Turbo polo-style suit covered with skull heads in the brightest of colors.

Leaping out of the room in his total rowdy style, he turned and playfully waggled his tight ass in the form-fitting suit before sitting and waiting for the next person.

Fletcher was last. His suit was a Neptune Scepter, with a very funky psychedelic swirl design, the colors running the gamut of blues, purples, pinks and reds in a tie-dyed fashion radiating outward over the under layer of a white background.

Entering the changing room and quickly stripping down, he put it on, finding the snug fit and clever design of the waistband stitching along the front created a nice bulging pouch, firmly cradling and lifting his parts and leaving him with absolutely little, if no room for any type of growth whatsoever. This suit rode low to his hips and fit perfectly to his lean, swimmer body, with the contoured backside gripping right to the curves of his butt showing more than a hint of his crack, along with lots of skin. Staring at it in the mirror, the complex design tricked the eye, almost like the pattern was actually swirling.

Leaving the changing room and displaying his present, he stood with his hands on his hips as he typically did, then turned around. The perfect fit to his body and dazzling array of colors with the epicenter of the swirling pattern strategically placed right at the center of his crotch in the front, and slightly lower on his butt, deliberately … guiding … drawing … the eyes to his most personal and intimate spots in the most subliminally sexual and erotic manner imaginable, there was no doubt about the suggestive power of this suit.

With the gifting complete, it was now time for the fun to begin.
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Re: Speedo Christmas Party

Post by solarguy » Sun Dec 25, 2016 7:04 am

I'd love to be invited to a party like this!!! Awesome!

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Re: Speedo Christmas Party

Post by iAlways » Tue Dec 27, 2016 5:53 pm

My kind of Christmas party. Thanks!

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Re: Speedo Christmas Party

Post by speedodemon » Wed Dec 28, 2016 7:12 am

Terrific story. We all want to be at this party!

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