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Back on track

General speedo discussion - questions/ideas.

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Back on track

Post by SpeedoSimone » Wed Feb 15, 2017 1:00 am

When he was young, my dad and his brothers were part of the state swimming team. At home, we have countless pictures of my dad and his brothers in their competitions. Needless to sat, they all wore speedos.

My dad loved the idea of my older brother and me swimming together, and he always bought us the coolest speedos. We used to swim at out swimming pool every day. I loved to swim so much that I used to wear my speedos instead of my superhero briefs to school, so that I could undress in the car and go direclty to the pool after school. However, when my brother grew to be 12, he fell to peer pressure and asked not to be forced to use "thongs" anymore. As it's natural for all little brothers, I asked for the same. In the next moths we traded briefs for boxers and speedos for board shorts. I could see the sadness in my dad's face: his two sons rebelling against something he loved.

I started using boardshorts to every event which included a pool. At the time, I didnt think much about it since it was what everyone wore. But after a few years, when I was about 14, I decided to accompany my dad to the pool and do laps with him. He was excited and asked if I wanted to try speedos out, a proposition which I refused. I did, however, go with him to the swim shop and got some Jammers. My dad was so happy that I was ditching the board shorts! We swam a couple of weeks and we enjoyed all the time together.

Fast forward 10 years and I find myself in Germany. I started living by myself for the first time and decided that life is too short not to enjoy the things you like. I always hated boxers, but peer pressure at home was too much. However, in Germany I could build my own personality however I saw fit. So I threw away all of my boxers and got briefs instead. It was so liberating to actually use something that YOU think is confortable and not worrying about what OTHERS might think.

One fine day, my class mates invite me to the local pool do some laps. I wasn't sure what the "clothing protocol" was in Germany, as I had never been in a public pool in Europe. So I took my swimming shorts, the kind that go half way to the thigh. As we undressed in the locker room, I saw my friends get their speedos and jammers out of their backpacks. To which I could only think: "Crap... wrong choice". As I slip my swimming shorts on, my friends look at me with some kind of confusion in their faces. "Are you really swimming with that? It's gonna slow you down, but OK!".

On the next day I went directly to the sports shop and bought my very first pair of speedos in 15+ years. I even took a picture of my self at the swimming pool and sent it to my dad. He was so excited, he called me on the phone congratulating me on "getting on the right track". I still own a pair of boardshorts and a pair of swimming shorts, but Im glad to say that they have stayed dry for some years now. It's speedos for me from now on!
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Re: Back on track

Post by speedoluv » Wed Feb 15, 2017 7:11 am

Thanks for sharing your story! :) very inspirational...

You should take a swim with your dad in your speedos!

You look great in your speedos so you should continue to rock them!

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Re: Back on track

Post by MRspeedoman » Wed Feb 15, 2017 8:38 am

That orange solar Speedo looks great on you! I also have that same colour! 8)

That is an inspirational story, thank you. I also abid to only wearing Speedos, after feeling very comfortable wearing one for the first time in Miami/South Beach ten years ago. I never looked back as I said goodbye to trunks.
A straight male who believes that real men wear Speedos! :)

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Re: Back on track

Post by 6feet5 » Thu Feb 16, 2017 4:04 pm

Why would any of you with physiques as shown in this string ever wear long baggy hot board shorts except from the parking lot to your spot on the beach.

I'll confess I used to wear boards and still have a pair. They are for my walk from the car to the beach though.

If you have a body for brief swim wear... just wear it. As men what makes us think we can hide our anatomy... it's got bumps bulges hills valley and balls... hard to disguise, so stop being nervous about who is seeing it.

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Re: Back on track

Post by iAlways » Thu Feb 16, 2017 9:02 pm

Welcome to the club. I only wear brief style swimwear and many times l'm the only one. But life is short and I want to have fun so briefs for me only. Great pic by the way.


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Re: Back on track

Post by shadowmn » Fri Feb 17, 2017 4:54 am

Orange...nice choice of color!
Just a straight guy that enjoys wearing speedos. Life is too short, enjoy wearing what you want.

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