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Visiting Gym in posher area of city

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Visiting Gym in posher area of city

Post by Papadoop » Sat May 04, 2019 11:55 am

Last Saturday i was a little bit fed up after how the day went, there was another pool i wanted to try about 40 minutes bus ride away and in a posher part of the city that do a Saturday Night swim which is rare for a Council Gym.
Anyway events recently have had my head blown so i thought head to this place out of the way have a little swim, this place also has a health spa with a sauna/steam and jacuzzi so i thought ill go there and relax so after the day ive had i packed the smallest/skimpiest speedo i own and decided to go down there and chill.
Anyway have a dip in the water in my original navy speedo which leaves very little to the imagination then decide to head to the health suite.
As i enter i decide to get some water and this lad is in there with his cute blonde girlfriend who is sneakily checking me out which im liking. I head the sauna then about 15 mins later they head off then i hear someone trying to get in the door and im thinking it will be some big hairy bloke probably but might as well go and let them in.
So i flip the handle and presented by this tidy, super cute little, curvy, tanned brunette wearing a black bikini with the biggest boobs ever, straight away i was fighting a stiffy, she looked me up and down, blushed and quietly said thanks and walked past me to put her stuff on the lounging chairs to which i had a sneaky peak at her and she had a absolute peach of a bum.
Anyway i run back in the sauna quick before i go all hard and then she comes in and starts putting body lotion on herself and keeps looking in my direction discreetly.
So after a few minutes i plucked up the courage to make convo and said stupidly, 'do you know what time this closes' after this we started talking and she spoke realky squeaky and was really dizzy but i found this a major turn on.
She was then telling me her sister had her boyfriend over and was dropping the hint to get rid of her out of the house for a few hours felt like asking her to come to mine to pass a few hours.
Anyway after a bit she asks me to come the steam room and as we get talking we have loads in common.
After we cool down we go back in the sauna shes sat there with her legs open looking at me by then i go all hard so i put my knees against my chest again as we are talking and as my erection begins to calm i return the favour and sit the same way simultaneously as her to drop the hint.
Anyway im near dying of heat exhaustion but adamant to stay in and listen to her so i just ask her if she wants her water bottle filling as im getting some water but ill be right back.
When i come back i decide to sit right by her and try and flirt with her a bit more and she thankfully doesnt move away but she starts playing with the top of her bikini when shes talking away so her boobs are nearly popping out and at this point my eyes cant prize themselves away from the target and as shes talking she keeps playfully touching my hand so im putting my hand on her hand talking and tell her something to make her laugh she laughs out loud with her head touching my shoulder and next thing boom raging stiffy again and i cream my pants again!
I just crossed my legs praying she wouldnt notice and luckily she was still gabbing away with her boobs still near in my face, i was dying to ask if she was single and wanted to meet sometime but then the lifeguard came in and told us they were closing.
She said it was nice meeting me and asked if i always come here i said usually weekends and i dropped a hint to say i try and get in saturday nights. Just praying you get my hint Emily as shemade me mega horny tonight why oh why cant i seal the deal

Anyway Tonight i went back to this swimming baths to see if the cute girl Emily from last week took me up on my hint....she didnt.

However i was talking to some tidy 21 year old Uni student, blonde hair, red bikini with a nice necklace(thank god she didnt ask me to remove it for her after my last American Pie Horror Story) anyway we were talking and getting on well and then 15 mins later her mum entered the sauna from the upstairs gym, the 3 of us talked but mum was a bit of a cockblock sadly.

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